Thursday, October 6, 2022

Kemi Olunloyo Trending On Kenya Twitter For Saying There Is Al-Shabab Security Threat In The Country

Yesterday we brought you a story on the Nigerian veteran journalist canceling her Kenya trip over some security threats. Apparently, there was bombing in some official’s office. Read that HERE.

Well, looks like the Kenyan people are not having it as they have taken to Twitter to drag the journalist. One was seen to have even called her a nobody.


One way or the other #Lion king found its way in as Kemi point out that Beyonce used majorly Nigerian arts with no one from Kenya.

Kemi later made another post on instrgam to explain the situation in the countyry. She wrote:

Mogbe!! I can’t even enter Nairobi now. I’m A LEO and I gotta see the 🦁 lions. I hear I am trending in Kenya because I called #Nairobi a terrorist city. 😲😲🇰🇪 All the papers and blogs have me trending. #RIP to my Twitter MENTIONS. Even the Verified column. They are abusing me like mad. The truth is bitter o. Next post will shock you. Lol.

#KenyavsNigeria is still trending on twitter guys. What do u think?

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  1. If you think she is a somebody, than I must be the king.

    I made her leave Canada. I told her if I catch her again, she won’t be going back to Nigeria by KLM…. Maybe but she will be in cargo 😂

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