Kemi Olunloyo Unveils The Person Of Precious Chikwendu The Estranged Wife Of Femi Fani-Kayode

Nigeria’s investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has made a series of posts bringing more light to what reportedly happened in the marriage of a former aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode and his former beauty queen wife, Precious Chikwendu.

Read below:

1. #FFKCase Nannies and Children constantly ABUSED Precious Fani-Kayode ORDERED her nannies to rub bleaching cream on her triplets from birth causing nannies to have black knuckles, emotionally and physically abused them and her frequent blows and beating of Aragon and Ragnar.

2.#FFKCase My assertion is dangerous info. Precious Chikwendu Fani-Kayode is a psychopathic woman. She needs mental health rehabilitation. She stopped meds suddenly after the knife incident. I have watched the videos. She would have knifed FFK and her children KILLING them so as to get back to him. I have not released the videos I obtained because Femi and his legal team didn’t want them released for the sake of the children. Here are the stills from the videos. Those of you supporting her don’t know that in a modern country the state would have taken the kids away and given them to the better parent or foster care. Better know how the world works. Precious Chikwendu is an UNFIT MOTHER. Subscribe to and hit your notification bell. I have started uploading videos.

3. #FFKCase Following the money: Nobody had money to bury Precious’ mother, FFK paid for the funeral of both parents. He also educated and paid tuition for 3 of her siblings who lived in his mansion. He gave allowances to several members of her family including grandparents and more. My source says FFK rented apartments for Precious’ older siblings and got each one of them jobs. He set up 4 separate businesses for Precious which all had offices, furniture, electronics and he was paying salary for her employees not even from her profits. Precious’ aunt Ngozi was running those businesses alongside her. Source says her family had taken over the mansion even chasing away Femi’s family & close friends. All businesses FAILED because of fights with landlords, fight everybody, didn’t know how to run a business. The former PA to Femi revealed that she disbursed $500K to Precious for a pageant. Half a million dollars and Precious reportedly pocketed some of it. She also told the PA and FFK relatives about a medical condition which rendered she and her sister Prisca barren. Precious was turned into a sex slave as early as 13yo by her own father pimped to her uncle. She started prostitution in her marriage. There is a video in which the young man admitted being in the room with Precious where he stated how Precious lured him to the hotel.The matter was reported to Asokoro police station where both him and Precious were detained. They were allegedly planning to kill FFK

4. Fani-Kayode’s estranged wife Precious Chikwendu planned to have me KIDNAPPED by some goons. The cops and DSS notified me because the kidnappers told them. Some of you morons are still saying I’m taking sides with FFK. Why then did she wanted a Journalist abducted. I plan to expose her MERCILESSLY and get her locked up soon. She is NOT a victim. She’s a danger to everyone including her children #FFKCase

5.#FFKCase Precious Chikwendu planned to sneak to America with her boyfriend waiting on the other side to deliver her triplets. The plan was never to return and get US passports for them as anchor babies. She purchased two tickets for two of her nannies. One of them was not comfortable with the idea of going to America with her, something anyone will jump fast into. The oath of secrecy was that FFK must not know. That former nanny told Chief Femi Fani-Kayode and the plan was thwarthed. Nanny Interviews on SUBSCRIBE to watch and Click notification bell. Femi kept it quiet from the media and kept his family together.October 2020

6. #FFKCase How Precious Fani-Kayode violently punched heroldest son Aragon injuringhim with a swollen faceand the triplets dedicationwas cancelled because of their older brother’s face.Hear from the current nanny She is known for VIOLENTLY physically abusing her children October 2020

7. This is the PA FFK didn’t want me to Interview. I located her and she told me some shocking facts. All her PA’s are one month on the job, emotionally drained and abused and quit. Makuo spoke to me October 2020 in the #FFKCase

8. #FFKCase Former Nanny Ada said she wasn’t surprised the Fani-Kayode marriage crashed. Here are the ugly reasons. A woman obsessed with obsession who has destroyed her own beautiful family. Self Banished herself from her house which she called “captivity”

Note: Most of the above are from her investigation from when the story of issues in the marriage first broke