Monday, January 17, 2022

Kemi Olunloyo’s US Diplomat Son Warns Nigerian Youth Glorifying Yahoo Yahoo On Visa Implications

NIGERIA- Kemi Olunloyo’s son L.I issues the warning yesterday. Read Kemi’s Instagram post below:

THIS WAS YESTERDAY April 29th 2019. The embassy staff including my son are all fine. They took cover according to procedure. Haiti has been a very unstable country for years. The US embassy has tight security from that location and it’s guarded by US and Haiti troops. Just 3 days ago they won a game and soccer tournament.


Speaking to my son yesterday, he warned all the Nigerian celebrities like @nairamarley and others like @Davidoofficial encouraging you young Nigerians to do Yahoo Yahoo. The day you want to travel to America becomes your end of traveling anywhere in the world. BVN Fingerprints are even needed to collect your Yahoo cash from Western Union. Davido is American, #tundeednut was convicted for stealing a credit card to buy an iPhone and deported from UK years ago. Nobody knows his real name or how he got into the USA but me, I saw his 1-94 as an Investigative Journalist and did his post on this page then he blocked me like I care. However he’s working on his US papers with Zainab his instant love. D’Banj did so much Yahoo in UK early 80’s that he had to turn his life around with music. I remember when Dapo Oyebanjo fled London and even sang about it “Mobolowon” song meaning “I escaped their prosecution”

LEARN LEARN LEARN from me! The US embassy staff in Abuja and Lagos were reading all your comments last week. Some of you need US schools, scholarships, US jobs. Don’t burn your bridges, you may never be able to cross it. BE CAREFUL with FRAUD!

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  1. Kemi Olunkoyo 3 sons are special needs. Enitan is her second son. He is a security guard. He does not communicate with her. You should hide or delete these lies. Kemi once said her oldest son was a politician. The truth. ..he is a vulgar troll on social media. There was a blogger who was sent to prison because he reposted her lies.

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