Friday, January 28, 2022

KIM & KANYE WEST Divorce No Longer A Done Deal They’re Privately Working On Relationship

Kim Kardashian’s wedding dress appearance at Kanye West’s “Donda” show wasn’t a total kumbaya for the pair’s marriage, but things behind the scenes are drastically improving for the former couple.

Sources close to the couple say… there actually is a chance they could get back together. They’ve been spending time together privately and “working on rebuilding the foundation of their relationship.”

While our sources say their divorce is still on, it’s possible Kim might withdraw the divorce petition. There’s obviously a lot of love and history between the former pair, but many areas of disagreement that have to be worked out.

We’re told one of the glimmers of hope is that both Kim and Ye want what’s best for their kids, and if they can work things out it’s a win for the entire family.

Sources say Kim and Kanye’s main focus is to keep a healthy and sturdy foundation of love and support for their 4 kids … and Kim bringing them to all 3 of Ye’s “Donda” listening events demonstrates that.

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