Lady Abandoned By Her Childhood Boyfriend After She Did 28 Abortions For Him

Lady Abandoned By Her Childhood Boyfriend After She Did 28 Abortions For Him

A man in his late twenties, named Kunle has allegedly refused to marry a lady he has been dating since childhood even after the said lady underwent 28 abortions during the course of their romance.

The furious lady who is now in her early 30s decided to contact a Social Media firm to expose her ex-lover.

She said she contacted the social media firm because her ex-lover is following their page and would see her message to him because he had blocked her on social media

The jilted lady said her message is a warning to her ex-lover, noting that she will go diabolical so that he would lose his sense of reasoning.

She wrote, “I have been a quiet girl but not this time around. I have been with this guy since childhood. I pursued all my suitors because I thought he was serious about his marriage proposal.

Each time I took in, he will tell me to abort that he is not yet capable of starting a family. I am in my early thirties and he’s in his late twenties.

“When I got to know that senior him with 4 years, he said age is not a problem. I have done several abortions for him. I lost count on the 28th. At a point, I nearly died in one of the abortions.

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“I told him I am walking out of the relationship. He went and bought 500 naira ring and engaged me. It’s been 3 years since I have been wearing that ring.

“He later agreed and we fixed date for introduction. My people invited some close family and friends and cooked food. On that day, His phones were switched off. After 2 days, his number went through and he claimed his parents said he can’t marry a woman that is his senior.

“The same excuse he said doesn’t matter years ago. Kunle, if you no run me a bastard. I will tell you l am from Bayelsa. Please post. He is following your page and he will see it.

“He blocked me and I can’t reach him. If you need his handle, I will send it for you to tag him. I just don’t want nature to find me guilty of not pre-warning him.”

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