Saturday, November 27, 2021

Late Singer Alizee’s Father Says His Daughter’s Danish Husband Is Not In Jail’

The father of late Nigerian singer, Ali Madaki, Alizee, insists he doubts his daughter’s Danish husband, Peter Nielsen who is accused of murdering wife and their four-year-old daughter is in jail. He said this all because he looked too clean during his last visit to court.

Peter Nielsen has been arraigned before a Yaba Chief Magistrate’s Court in Lagos State and was reportedly taken to Ikoyi Prison. However, the singer’s father suspects some foul play in the way Nielsen is being treated.

He told Punch that,

we were told he has been taken to Ikoyi Prison. But the last time we saw him in court, he did not look like someone who came from a prison. He looked very clean, wearing a white shirt and holding a bottle of water. A lot of people are saying the man is not in the prison. I was also told that he was taken to his house to collect some items. This doesn’t speak well about the country if some prisoners get preferential treatment because of their status.”

According to Alizee’s father, on the same day Peter Nielsen came to court, a Nigerian, who was also charged with murder, appeared in court. But while the Nigerian was in handcuffs, he lamented that his daughter’s husband was not handcuffed. He said,

I don’t understand why they put handcuffs on the Nigerian and they didn’t do that to the Dane. I am in Abuja right now, but I would come to Lagos for the second hearing.”

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