Leaked: Lionel Messi’s Fax To Barcelona Requesting To Leave Club

The fax Lionel Messi sent to Barcelona to demand they terminate his contract as per a clause in his deal has reportedly been leaked online.

Barcelona confirmed on Tuesday that Messi had asked to terminate his contract with immediate effect by way of a clause in his current deal.

While Barca remain confident of fighting the clause given it is said to have expired in June, their captain has asked for the club’s co-operation in assisting with his departure.

Instagram account Barca Theory shared an image online which appears to be the fax Messi sent to club chiefs, which they have also translated.

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It reads: “By means of this letter, I, Lionel Andres Messi Cuccittini, with a white ID [blank], request that the employment benefit contract that I currently occupy in your distinguished club be terminated, based on clause number 24 that allows me to have this power.

“I appreciate all the opportunities for personal growth and professional preparation that were offered to me during the time I worked.

“Learnings that allowed me to consolidate my technical and human profile, but for personal reasons this [blank] difficult decision was made to me, which I hope will be made in the best way by the management of this club.”

While the clause is thought to state a June expiry, Messi will argue it is still eligible given the end of the season was pushed back by several months.