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Actress Liz Anjorin raised some really loud noise on Instagram over an alleged threat to her life by her ex-boyfriend she accused of sleeping with her staff.

Sharing a screenshot of the message she got from the supposed ‘killers’, Liz Anjorin stated that her ex-boyfriend should be held responsible if anything should happen to her because he has been sleeping with her staff, and asking them to bring vital information about her. The actress also called on Badagry residents to conduct a ritual that will kill anybody who has a hand in her death, should it happen.

She wrote;

LIFE THREAT ALERT!!!?( 07084641262)..
.If anything happen to me , after arresting these people …please pick my ex …He was the one sleeping with all my workers and asking them to bring vital informations about me … can bear witness because he has audacity to promote shit about me ..for over 3weeks gist lover kept bashing me back to back ..until a close friend dm him/her with necessary documents audio and many evidence and the evidence make bow for satan himself ..He/she forwarded the evidences to him but he couldn’t defend it …since then he has not back down, both physically and spiritually, but my late mummy & my good deed no sleep ..
2, pick all my workers both the current ones and those that left. .
3, Get record of everybody on my phone list and prosecute them …
4, As for my badagry people ..Bring out full #TARAN and do necessary rituals within 3days ..let every souls that has hand in shit against me should all die in mysterious way with their misrable family ..
Because a young successful lady was shot and thrown out of bus at Maryland few months ago till now ..Everybody kept quiet till today with no placard .
As i am working so hard sef no sleep , No let my Alhaja life style deceive you …I dey pay my dues for traditions because of evil people like you …

5, Because if anything happen now una fit talk say …

A,We talk am, that lizzy dey do dirty deals.. maybe she boycott those people
B,Na cocaine burst for her tummy she don swallow pass her capacity .
C, Her ritual don expire na the year wey dem give am reach .. ..I’ m so legit ,Heaven is my witness,i work like machine , I barely sleep 3hrs , I dont smoke ,no club ,no social life..I’m too kind,generous & disciplined to deep my hands into dirty shits…Biko I get plenty debt to pay , debt dey my neck oooo..make una leave me oo kill me oo so that I can pay the debts on my neck no let me pass debt to my next generation …una wan kill ur mama on top of White House…shogun layeni
Abi make I sell the house relocate for safety ni??

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