Logistics, The New Latest Facing The Distribution Of COVID-19 Vaccine. Pfizer And Moderna To Sell For $20 And $32 Respectively

The vaccines are set to be distributed and the manufactures, Moderna and Pfizer and in the final stages, which is seeking approval for distribution on an emergency basis.

Pfizers Sahin expects the vaccine’s approval process to be completed and distribution to begin before the end of 2020. He said that if everything goes to plan, Covid-19 could be under control halfway through 2021.

The vaccines need to be transported at -70 degrees Celsius and this has posed a big challenge especially as it has to reach far countries. Preservation has become an issue that must also be considered if the vaccines are to remain viable till it gets to its destination.

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Lufthansa airline and Dubai’s Emirates are going to be the major airline distributing the vaccine as they have displayed themselves as the readiest for the rather heavy task. The airlines have shown readiness as they have put measures in place.