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Man “Killed” In Car Crash Wakes Up In Mortuary The Next Day

A man who was pronounced dead in a car crash and deposited in a morgue woke up yesterday just as his autopsy was about to be performed.

Himanshu Bharadwaj was badly hurt in a car accident on Sunday. His condition worsened and he was declared dead before being sent for autopsy. He narrowly avoided being cut up after spending the night in a mortuary.

The pathologist at a hospital in Nagpur, India found a pulse just as he was picking up a blade to perform the autopsy on the body on Monday, March 5. Himanshu was immediately resuscitated and rushed to a different ward in the hospital after the error was realized.

Himanshu’s family has said the occurrence is a miracle. After the news spread, a large crowd gathered outside the hospital to protest against the perceived negligence.

Dr Gedam, of Chhindwara District Hospital, said the patient’s “respiration was dysfunctional” and his “pulse was also missing”.

He added: “However, his respiratory organs began responding this morning. At times, in brain dead patients, the heart and the respiratory system stop functioning transiently, which seems to be the case here. Himanshu is still brain dead. Thus, we have referred him to Nagpur due to lack of sufficient facilities locally.”

According to newspaper reports, Himanshu grabbed a sweeper to prove he was still alive.

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