Sunday, April 21, 2024

Meek Mill Reportedly Close To Being Released On Bail

Meek Mill who is serving 2-4 years in state prison for violating probation from his 2009 drug and weapons case, is reportedly one step closer to being released on bail.

The good news from the District Attorney Larry Krasner’s office comes after the rapper’s mother, Kathy Williams publicly pleaded with the attorney to “step in” and help her son.

On Wednesday, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office said it’s not against letting the Philadelphia rapper, Meek Mill out of prison on bail as he appeals his conviction.

This also follows the police corruption scandal surrounding Meek’s arresting officer who reportedly lied under oath, according to documents acquired by the Daily News.

Prosecutors confirmed that the arresting officer was among those prosecutors from the previous administration who tried to keep off the witness stand because of credibility questions.

Prosecutors point out hundreds of previous convictions have already been overturned, and they think Meek will follow suit, shortly.

According to the prosecutors, they see no reason for Meek to be held without bail.

Reacting to the positive feedback from the Philadelphia District Attorney, Meek’s mother told TMZ: “I would like to thank the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office for carefully evaluating my son’s matter and not opposing the request for bail. The fact that Robert’s entire conviction could be overturned is a blessing and I pray that God gives Judge Brinkley the wisdom to make the right decision and allow my son to return home to his family. I truly believe justice will prevail.”

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