Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Meghan Markle’s Dad Begs Her On TV, Wants To Get In Touch With Her (Video)

Meghan Markle’s father has granted a televised interview about the ongoing rift with his daughter that he says is breaking his heart.

Thomas Markle, 74, never got the chance to walk his daughter down the aisle. To make matters worse, they are now so estranged that he said he tries to reach out to his daughter every day but hasn’t received a response.

Thomas Markle Sr was a guest on Good Morning Britain, GMB, where he sat with Piers Morgan and Sussana Reid to talk about his relationship with his daughter and make an appeal for her to repair their relationship. He also begged The Queen to intervene.

He told presenters and viewers he texts his daughter every day, but has never received a response.

Thomas said:

Well I’m very disappointed by it I’m not sure why its happening and I’m waiting, I’m reaching out.

I’ve been trying to reach out for her every day for weeks, every day I’ve tried to text her.

I just keep asking her to respond back to me. I have sent a letter as well.


He added that in the messages he sends to his daughter he writes:

I love you very much, you’re my daughter and I’d really like to hear from you. Please reach out to me. Whatever differences we have, we should be able to work them out, we’re family.

The father of the pregnant Duchess of Sussex looked very troubled as he said:

I’ve been quiet for six months and no-one’s spoken to me, I’m confused. I love my daughter very much, she has to know that.

He called for Queen Elizabeth’s help, saying:

I would appreciate anything [The Queen] could do.

Piers Morgan suggested during the interview that “ghosting” people is a trait Meghan poses but Markle Sr defended his daughter.

He said:

That’s really not character trait of hers, she’s really always been very polite.

I don’t know what’s really happening right now we had our differences at the beginning, about my heart attack

The former lighting director suggested that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle believed stories about him in the paper, heightening the risk of his heart attack.

He said:

They believe everything they read in the papers, they were telling me to never read those things but now they are reading it and believe I’m saying things I’m never saying.

Piers Morgan, who is a critic of The Duchess of Sussex because she was his very good friend but ghosted him as soon as she met Prince Harry, asked Meghan to do the right thing and get in touch with her father.

Social media users have gone online to express their sympathy for Thomas Markle. They asked Meghan to make peace with her father. But some accused Piers Morgan of taking advantage of Thomas Markle’s vulnerability to get back at Meghan. They also pointed out that no one knows the full history of the rift and Meghan may have a justifiable reason for staying away from her father and his side of the family.

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