Monday, September 25, 2023

MOHBAD: Kemi Olunloyo’s Instagram Page Suspended

Journalist Kemi Olunloyo has taken to her X account to announce that her Instagram account has been disabled. 

She said her account was suspended after it was reported by Nigerians 39,000 times accusing her of collecting payments from Sammy Larry and Naira Marley. Larry and Marley and currently being dragged for making life a living hell for Mohbad leading up to his death.

Kemi Olunloyo insisted that the stories being peddled by Gistlover, whose followers are responsible for disabling her page is not true as the information given to her by one of his attending doctors say the singer died of heart complications secondary to drug abuse.

Read the rest of Kemi Olunloyo‘s address below:

#BREAKING Last night Nigerians FLAGGED my Instagram page 39,000 times accusing me of being paid by these two men Sammy Larry (who I don’t know) and Naira Marley (who I haven’t seen or spoken to in 2 yrs btw) Gistlover told them to flag any journalists page posting that Mohbad died from heart complications secondary to drug use. I was the first person to report that exclusively as told by a doctor who treated him in the hospital. He was not DOA (dead on arrival) he was alive. He did not die of juju charms, he died of depression and anxiety leading to more drug use to pacify his pains. He did not die months ago as posted by VDM. Effective tomorrow I will no longer report Nigerian news on any of my platforms and I will not appeal my Instagram suspension in the next 180 days. Exactly 2 years ago Sept 12th 2021 I lost my verified 650K page because of flags on my Hushpuppi, Oromoni and Coza investigations. I had no chance to appeal as I missed the 30 day deadline as I never saw the link on my iOS. It was later discovered on my Android but expired. All my investigative journalism archives were GONE. The only back up was on YouTube. I will no longer report news to illiterates and uneducated people and will join Paetron and Spotify Podcasts tonight to serve news to subscribers only. After 35K flags

@Meta’s computer disables pages and one has to appeal a very tedious process. I started journalism February 9th 1994 and end February 9th 2024. Most people retire after 30 yrs. 5 months to go. I will address the nation at 8pm Nigerian time on TikTok at #Kemitalks where I have 30,000 new followers all laying every manner of curses on me. It is time to separate myself from the negativity of a negative country. After losing my page 2021, I left Instagram for a year then opened a new page 140K and used it solely for drug abuse prevention and education something no celebrities do. I then ended my 18 month campaign with the NDLEA, schools, workplaces and communities and returned to reels and entertainment, health news etc. At any one time will I come into your office to destroy your work. How do you feel destroying mine? I will no longer use Instagram. I have told them to refund all my subscribers. Disabled twice on the same day two years apart. 222 

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