Wednesday, August 10, 2022

My Story Of Pain; Kemi Olunloyo Writes On Her Painful Life (1)

Nigerian Journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has taken to her social media handle to announce she will be documenting her life history and she has made good on that as she has started to narrate the painful experience she had in the hands of her family and her baby daddy.

The journalist who has made it clear that she never got married and never will has also said of how she gave birth tp three kids for different men. She also spoke especially of her first baby daddy who was very deceitful and took advantage of her youthfulness and inexperience.

Read what she posted as we promise to cover it all:

MY STORY OF PAIN UNDER MY BIOGRAPHY #Kemitalkslife an upcoming visual podcast on the past 48 hours I have experienced debilitating anxiety attacks due to what has happened in my life recently. You all read it. It began with #23challenge then my 34th father’s day without a father in my son’s life, then a shocking picture of my son Enitan and his absentee father after 34 years. I woke up 5:25am to see the photo on my feed. Why did Mr Babatunde Ogunade travel to America to look for his son without MY KNOWLEDGE? Now you see why I left my family a long time ago. It was WRONG! I am still alive. The same family that abandoned me when I was struggling raising him with autism which is now high functioning Asperger’s, the same Olunloyos who chained him to a room when he had autistic episodes, the same family who took him to the ritualist when they claim he couldn’t talk. They ruined my son’s life and I managed to take him back to America and deal with the medical implications. Why did Mr Ogunade slap me in the face linking with my family and knowing exactly where my son was? This hurt me so bad and devastated me. To make things worse, many of you my son’s age said he is Lucky the boy accepted him. Well my son said they fought immediately after he heard that their picture was posted on Instagram where the media could pick it up easily. Mr Ogunade is the Executive VP of Nigerian Basketball Federation. So is Dr Kemi Olunloyo a popular media personality. My son was quite upset at me for TELLING MY STORY and vowed never to tell me how they met. I have not seen my son for 10 years 2011 since we left Canada. Tunde this is my life story. I never one time applied for child support watching you going in and out of America, when the state department could have frozen your travel documents. My $472/mo times 18 years child support $101,972 was never paid nor collected by the state. I moved on with my life but suffered, sold all my stuff and handed my son over to the state as guardian then left for Nigeria. The next year I went to CDN where he almost killed me. Autistic children can have violent episodes. My family ignored me thruout. Last week I texted him😓

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