Princewill Chika Nkisa hails from Obrikom in (Ogba/Ndoni/Egbema, Local Government Area) Rivers State.

He is a writer of fiction. Apart from The Masquerader, he has written two other literary books. That is, A Bolt From The Blue and The Quest For True Love.

His favourite quotes are: “Poverty is not a destiny. But most people who are poor already have that mindset that it is”.

“Pride does not bring money to you, it only makes people think you have it”.


Nothing good comes easy. When Magu brought Ezinne into his home without finding out things about her, he thought the world was his oyster. Little did he know that by throwing caution to the wind to assuage the craving of his soul, he had set in motion a chain of events that would ultimately destroy him and throw the whole village into deep mourning…this tragic play from the stable of an emerging prolific playwright is undoubtedly, a master piece.

Chidiebere Ejiogu, Director Malvan Int’l School


The Masquerader is a tragic play that revolves around Ezinne, a murderer and a thief who escaped from her village because of her wickedness to another village where she met Magu, a widower. Find out how she made her way into Magu’s life and the aftermath of her evil doings.


A compound. It is night time. The silence is punctuated by the chirping sounds of crickets. The air is tense. A woman’s voice is heard in the background, softly wailing. Almost immediately, her wailing turns into a scream. A man runs out of the house in the compound.

“My wife, I’m coming. Let me call the midwife. Please stay strong”

He runs out of the front door as her scream pierces the air again. Just then, a figure crawls out of the shadows behind the house. It is a woman. One can tell from her silhouette. She looks left and right and steps into the house.

The woman is pain raises her head upon seeing the stranger.

“Who are you? Are you the midwife? You don’t look like her. Or have you got lost…” Her sentence is interrupted by another pain.

The stranger laughs wickedly.
“I’ve been trying to find a way and now I have. Your husband should have been mine. And you got him”

“What?”, the woman in labour asks weakly. “What are you talking about?”

“Shut up! I will have your husband now that you’ll be dead and gone. He was mine from the day I laid eyes on him. I have been called names and I’ll show you how capable I am of wickedness…”

Just then, the woman in pain screams again. By instinct, she pushes and the cry of a baby rends the air. As she tries to reach out, voices fill the air from a distance. The stranger reaches out her hands and presses on the stomach of the woman who is in pain and too weak to fight back. Soon afterwards, she gives up the ghost.

The stranger runs out through the back door as she laughs to herself.


To my lovely future wife. One of the important gifts I owe her is a good book.