Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Nigerian Army Reportedly Picking Up Imo State University Students In The Name Of IPOB, Gov Uzodinma Missing!

A lot of reports have hit social media of how the Nigerian Army men are reportedly killing and also arresting students of the Imo State University and labeling the members of IPOB. Users who are on the ground can confirm that the killing has been taking place since Friday.

When someone questioned why the students still remained on campus despite the killing another replied that the school has scheduled exams and students can not afford to miss. A video is currently trending on twitter of a woman whose daughter was reportedly killed.

Students are seriously advised to stay indoors and lock their doors. The situation in owerri is almost like there is no governor as residents of the state are living in fear and lack of freedom. Governor Hope Uzodinma is also said to be missing from the State House.

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