Monday, June 10, 2024

Nigerian Boy Almost Dies After Reacting Horribly To A Pack Of Juice (Graphic Photos)

A very young Nigerian boy developed a strange reaction that nearly led to his death after consuming a pack of juice.

Chibuikem Nwadike drank Viva Jus juice and he got so sick he had to be admitted to the hospital in the first week of December 2017. At the hospital, it was revealed he was allergic to the juice and that led to him suffering from Steven Johnson Syndrome.


The child got so bad that his eyes were bloodshot red, his lips were badly bruised and bleeding, his skin was also bruised and bleeding, and from photos shared by his mother, it also seems he was vomiting blood.

Doctors and nurses never for once thought he will survive it but, miraculously, he did. His mother, Ifunanya Nwadike shared the good news as he marked his birthday. The handsome child is better now according to his mother but photos show that his lips and skin are still slightly scarred.

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