Friday, December 3, 2021

Nigerian Gospel Singer Survives Ritualist Attack (Photos)

Nigerian Gospel Singer Survives Ritualist Attack. A fast-rising Nigerian gospel artist survived after being attacked by 4 ritualists.

JBlingz managed to fight off 4 men who attempted to use him for rituals. He sustained injuries during the fight and ended up in the hospital. He is currently doing fine.

Sharing photos of his injuries, he wrote:

You are always there to help,you are always there to help,even when no one else was there,you are always there for me,even when I can’t feel,even when I cannot trace you,I still have faith in your words that you are always there for me.
THANK YOU JESUS …for giving me life again and saving me from the hands of Ritualist,demons in human body,
who can Battle with the Lord? Nobody ….. The God who See’s even in the darkest of Nigth,The God that hears the silent prayer from the heart,you gave me strength to wrestle with 4 demonic men and you pravail,all I can say is thank you JESUS …I am alive ,I am saved and I am bouncing up stronger..this is my testimony JESUS WINS.

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