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Nigerian Lady Narrates Strange Story Of How Her Fiance Abandoned Her For Another Woman Just Before Their Wedding

A lady has told a story about the way her fiance abandoned her during their wedding and it has shocked everyone, understandably. The things she narrated in the story are so callous, it’s hard to believe this really happened and it’s not a movie.

Sadly, it’s not a movie because the heartbroken lady dropped names to back her claims. In summary, Chinenye Blezoo said she met Henry Uzoma in 2014 and he swore to be there for her always. Soon he lost his job and went to prison and she used her first-month salary to bail him out.

Subsequently, she would always send him money while he went about looking for a new job for months. Men were begging to marry her during that period but Henry refused to let her go and even begged her mother not to give her away to anyone else.

When he finally found a job, they began planning their wedding. He was in Lagos and she was in the South East where the wedding was supposed to hold. He sent some money for wedding plans but it was so little. She made up for the rest while her family also pitched in. According to her, her mother withdrew every single kobo in her account for the wedding.

The guy was involved in the wedding plan every step of the way and would always remind her to call the priest, register in church for bans of marriage, take wine and IV to family friends and all of that. However, on 23 Dec, 2017, he called her to say he was coming home for their wedding which was to hold in the first week of January. She never heard from him after that.

At first, she thought he was dead but she later noticed he was active on Facebook Messanger. Their wedding day came, her clothes, cake, decoration, food, everything was ready but he didn’t show up. Eventually, she heard he had moved into another woman’s house.

She later got a friend request from a Facebook account with his name and when she accepted, she saw photos of her man with his new girl, both of them wearing matching clothes and uniform ankara.

Nigerian lady narrates shocking story of how her fiance abandoned her for another woman just before their wedding

Read her unbelievable story below.

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