Thursday, June 13, 2024

Nigerian Professor, Uju Anya, Drags Jeff Bezos For Condemning Her Criticism Of The English Monarchy

Prof. Uju Anya dragged Jeff Bezos after the Amazon boss targeted her on Twitter.

It all started after news surfaced that Queen Elizabeth II had fallen ill and Anya, who is an associate professor at Carnegie Melon University in Pittsburgh, took to her page to wish the English colonial monarch an “excruciating” death.

This stirred heated reactions, with the likes of Jeff Bezos condemning her. “This is someone supposedly working to make the world better? I don’t think so. Wow,” he said.

Twitter took down her initial post, and she slammed him. “Otoro gba gbue gi. May everyone you and your merciless greed have harmed in this world remember you as fondly as I remember my colonizers,” she said.

She also had a response for everyone who condemned her: “If anyone expects me to express anything but disdain for the monarch who supervised a government that sponsored the genocide that massacred and displaced half my family and the consequences of which those alive today are still trying to overcome, you can keep wishing upon a star.”

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