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Nigerians Have Lost Trust In Buhari Govt., Ex-Gov. Peter Obi Says

A past governor of Anambra state, Mr Peter Obi, has asserted that President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration has lost the trust of Nigerians.

The erstwhile governor claimed that lack of trust in the present administration has further contributed to the problems arising in various parts of the country.

Speaking at an event in Lagos, Obi stated that the country needs a leader that would be ready to provide solutions to problems and not ones who will keep telling them their problems.

He said that Nigerians are divided is no longer the issue, but Nigerians need to ask how we got to this stage and chart a way out.

“The first question is how did we get there? How do we get out of the situation at the moment”, he asked.

Asking if Nigerians still trust their government, he stated, “The main critical component of governance is trust, do Nigerians trust their government, the answer is no.”

“The trust we voted this government for was because it promised us it will solve our problems, but when they get there they are telling us what they met there.”

Obi suggested that the country needs to do away with nepotism stating that it is part of the biggest problem of the current administration.

Peter Obi
He added that competence have to be valued above region of origin

“When you have leaders who do things on merit, the agitation we have in the country today will end. In a country where you have 10 million people out of school, there is no way we cannot have the agitation we have in Nigeria today.”

The former governor expressed his support for young ones to become actively involved in government and urged them to take up leadership positions in the country.

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