OBINWANNE OKEKE ARREST: ‘Williams Uchemba Ain’t No Criminal’ – Kemi Olunloyo

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A young male Nigerian, Obinwanne Okeke, was recently arrested by the FBI in the united stated for internet fraud to the tune of $12Million (N4Billion)… Yahoo-yahoo. Nigerian Journalist, Kemi Olunloyo took to Instagram to remind Nigerians that she raised a warning on Okeke.

She called him the real ‘yahoo boy’.

The vocal journalist said more:

Kemi Olunloyo wrote more on Instagram:

#obinwanneokeke finally caught by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation @fbi
Imagine my son @nairamarley was being castigated and accused of a non existent cybercrime while this was going on underneath their eyes. SHAME ON YOU @officialefcc and all my foolish followers trying to be my assignment editor telling me to Investigate @williamsuchemba and could not contribute the budget to do it as a freelance assignment. I work 15 hrs daily with my own time and money to define Investigative Journalism but you love your LIES. Next up Linda Ikeji, Hush Puppi, Noble Igwe, everybody at AIT, Dokpesi should FIRE them all. America is waiting for all of you. To Mr Symington & Claire Pierangelo @usinnigeria
pls don’t stereotype our hardworking youth who are going to visit or study in America or do legitimate business. We Nigerians are always focusing on politicians while ignoring scammers in the cybercrime area. #invictusobi was clearly a young “proper” Yahoo Boy. When I warned you all TWICE December 24th and 27th 2018, you called me insane. 12M fraud. @toluogunlesi @abikedabiri hope you see the evidence we have here. Please continue to fight for our name called Nigeria. It took me three months to get our money from @cibc because the bank’s fraud department despite verifying all my security info were worried because I was calling from NIGERIA. SHAME on @forbesafrica for celebrating mediocrity and fraud. Those that flash money on Instagram watch out!! #Kemiolunloyo

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OBINWANNE ARREST: Next Up Linda Ikeji, Hush Puppi, Noble Igwe, Everybody At AIT Online – Kemi Olunloyo