Sunday, August 7, 2022

Olympic Gold Medalist Darren Campbell Revived After Serious Brain Bleed

Darren Campbell, 44, Olympic champion, needed to be resuscitated after he suffered a serious brain bleed.

It was revealed Monday night that the retired British sprint ace suffered a severe seizure at home last Tuesday and had to be resuscitated in the hospital.

Mail Online says the father of three, who won Olympic silver in the 200m in 2000 and 4x100m relay gold four years later, has since endured numerous seizures following his pituitary apoplexy and for a time needed a ventilator to breathe.

Speaking to BBC, he said he’s ‘relieved to be alive’ after suffering a serious brain bleed.

‘I nearly died. You have to give thanks. That is how close it was. It’s only when I see the fear in my kids’ eyes that you realize. When they first told me I was on a ventilator, I didn’t believe them.’

‘I’ve got other people filling in blanks. If you can’t breathe by yourself, you are not in a good place. I have to be relieved as I nearly died.’

‘The doctors have said if I wasn’t so fit, I wouldn’t be here. I was always going to fight. As long as the doctors were fighting, I’d fight.’

Campbell who works as a Pundit for BBC added: ‘I’m not working this summer. I always work but I am taking time off. Each minute and moment I’m trying to take things in and give thanks.

Darren Campbell will soon be discharged.

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