Wednesday, August 17, 2022

…’One Day When I Die, Pls Don’t Mourn Me’…- Kemi Olunloyo

It is still not clear what is going on but that was as she posted on her page today. Looks kind of coded. We hope she is fine. Read her post below:

I’m an extremely warm person. Almost to a fault. Over the last few years my views on life, my beliefs and my relationships with friends, acquaintances and especially family have been severely tested. I’m watching here today acknowledging that I’ve learned that regardless of who you are to me, I will no longer accept anyone interrupting my peace. I know my value and I’m a pretty incredible person with a 207 IQ. I love to be around and take care of people. I love to advise and even warn people against any danger I see ahead. I love to assist people with their goals in life. But one thing I wont tolerate is my peace and integrity being disturbed by Nigerians on social media be you a Celebrity or ordinary citizen especially those who go about it in a slick way. I still see you. My eyes are fully open.

So today I can say that I look to live to be at peace with myself only. Something I haven’t done in the past. Always trying to see the light in people when they are all dressed in darkness. I ask God’s Will and the angels above to guide me through this new chapter in my life as I now am becoming comfortable with myself and stop taking care of the world. Comfortable with just regular old me. Looking forward to all that’s to come my way as I enter this era of my life. I no longer communicate with people close to me anymore, family members alike. I will be changing my name and living in an undisclosed location. God Has a plan for me that Is specific. He isn’t vague or uncertain. He has every second of every day planned for us. He has an exact day and hour for our trials to end, just like had an exact 70 years planned for Israel. He has the exact time for you to meet your future husband. An exact day for you to land that job you can’t imagine. A day for you to get relief from that sickness. Our times are in his hands.

One day when I die, pls don’t mourn me. I don’t want to be remembered for anything. My professional life was destroyed when I arrived in Nigeria. A country I left at 14yo and went to learn and build other countries when my country rejected me. Nobody celebrated me here, I CELEBRATE myself today and possibly the last time.

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