Monday, December 6, 2021

Otedola Bridge Explosion; Eyewitness Account, Ignorance And Foolishness Killed Those That Died

Nine persons including a minor and over 54 vehicles were burnt beyond recognition in the petrol tanker explosion that occurred at Otedola bridge in Lagos yesterday, 28th of June 2018.

An eyewitness, Otunbakush took to Twitter to recount his experience.

According to Otunbakush, the accident was caused by a commercial driver who stopped to drop off a passenger at a place that wasn’t a designated bus stop. After dropping the passenger, he quickly entered the fast lane without looking at his side, and the fuel tanker, which was approaching the commercial bus, quickly stepped on his brakes to avoid hitting the bus. This caused the tanker to hit the road partition and flip over.

Otunbakush also stated that the deaths could have been avoidable as those involved had time to save themselves but instead chose to save their vehicles with attempts to reverse, while others made videos of the incident while still seated in their vehicles.

His Tweets are below…

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