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Over 400 UK Schools Evacuated After Bomb Threat From The US

Hundreds of schools across London have been evacuated after they were sent an email saying a student had been sent to school with a bomb.

More than 400 schools, including colleges in the North East, London, Bristol and Humberside received an email claiming a bomb had been planted and would be detonated if cash wasn’t handed over. The hoax is believed to have originated in the US, but police saying it posed ‘no viable threat’.

Fake bomb threats were also received by 19 schools across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. The Met Police confirmed they were ‘fielding multiple calls’ this morning from all over London in relation to the situation. A spokesperson said: ‘Police are investigating reports of communications made to a number of schools across London on Monday, March 19. ‘There have been no arrests. Enquiries are ongoing.’

Dorchester Primary School in Worcester Park sent an email out to parents. It said: ‘A number of schools have received an email warning of a bomb and asking for an amount of money. ‘It has been confirmed this is a hoax and we have received the following statement from Atomwide who manage most school email accounts. ‘It said ‘we are aware of a phishing email that has been sent out to schools this morning, suggesting a bomb will detonate if money is not paid. ‘This is a hoax, and action is currently being taken to remove and block the email.

‘We apologise for any inconvenience caused. ‘The police are aware and are taking necessary steps.’ Northumbria Police also reassured locals that the threats were a hoax and said there was ‘no viable threat’ posed.

A statement posted on Twitter said: ‘We have received reports from a large number of schools in our region that they have received threatening emails. ‘The emails inform the school that a bomb has been placed on the grounds and will be detonated if they don’t hand over cash. ‘Detectives have looked into the emails – which appear to originate from the US – and can confirm that there is no viable threat.

‘Schools have been visited by police to reassure them that the incident is being treated as a hoax and address any concerns. ‘We take all incidents of this nature extremely seriously and an investigation into the emails in question are underway.’




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