Friday, January 21, 2022

Pastor Chris Okafor’s Private Jet Is Chartered, Not Owned By Him (Photos)

Recently, several Nigerian websites (we did not report it) published a press release with the caption, ‘Pastor Chris Okafor shows off his newly acquired private jet’ with photos of the man of God posing in and outside of the private jet.

Some of the press releases partly stated that ‘If found to be true, Dr. Okafor will Join the growing list of Nigeria’s mega pastors whose ministries have been graced with luxurious jets’. It also stated that ‘the church did not officially issue a statement but a trusted source who is very close to the Liberation City General overseer waved it off as a “rudderless rumour”.

The story has now been confirmed to be misleading as the private jet with registration number 5N-EXJ actually belongs to Execujet Nigeria and it has been used by other Nigerian pastors and celebrities in the past.

Chris Okafor does not own a jet.

See photos below,…



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