Thursday, January 27, 2022

Pedophiles To Be Chemically Castrated In Ukraine In New Law

Ukraine has joined the growing list of countries who have adopted forced chemical castration, to counter pedophilia.

The law allowing the forcible chemical castration of pedophiles was passed on July 11 and won’t involve surgery. The procedure which will not be performed on individuals younger than 18 and older than 65, consists of injected drugs that effectively blunt the sex drive for a period of time.

In addition, the law states that rape committed by a group of persons or the rape of minors will be punishable by imprisonment for a term of seven to 15 years, and not to 12 years. The convict will also spend up to five years in prison for lurid acts involving minor. The law came into effect the day after its publication.

Other countries that have adopted the strict measure include Britain, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, Kazakhstan, Norway, Sweden, and the United States.

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