Saturday, January 22, 2022

Photos: Arsenal’s New Adidas Pre-Match Jersey Unveiled

Adidas Football has unveiled a new partnership with Pharrell Williams, who has designed jerseys for some of Europe’s biggest clubs.

For Arsenal, the “Bruised Banana” away shirt of the early 1990s has been redesigned with a paint-bleed effect.

Speaking about the partnership with Romance FC, Adidas Football Design Director Inigo Turner explained, “In this case, we drew inspiration from one of the most loved Adidas shirts of all time, worn famously by Holland in ’88 and Germany in 1990 on their away shirt.

‘’We took the design into a new territory by creating it in this looser and fluid way, then created it in a unique colour for Romance FC, playing with dark colours predominantly and accents in fluro to give a sporty and performance feel that is equally at home on the street.”

Announcing the collection, Pharrell said, “History is what shapes the future, and sometimes in order to look forwards, first we need to look back.

“The most important part of the process with this collection was to learn of each club’s legacies and how each defining moment of their histories were captured and preserved from a design perspective.

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“Each of the new jerseys are symbols of the five club’s legacies and a true celebration of the universality of sport.”

Arsenal will wear the designs as pre-match jerseys beginning on October 24.

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All of them are available to purchase now from the adidas web store.

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