Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Popular ‘Endowed’ Tanzanian Video Vixen, Agnes Masogange Has Died

Going by Tanzania’s EATV, Agnes Masogange succumbed to pneumonia and low blood pressure at 4pm on Friday, April 20 at Mama Ngoma Hospital in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. She was age 28.

Her death has thrown the Tanzanian showbiz industry into mourning. 

Confirming the news about Ms Masogange’s death, Dr. Kihama Ngoma said the video vixen had been admitted to the health facility for four days.

Tanzania’s Global Publishers reports that hundreds of Dar es Salaam residents made their way to Mama Ngoma Hospital, when news about Ms Masogange’s death broke Friday evening.

Her body has been moved to Muhimbili National Hospital, comedian Steve Nyerere says.

Agnes Masogange featured in, among others, Tanzanian musician Belle 9’s song called ‘Masogange’ and also on LIB (see here).

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