Sunday, January 23, 2022

PRESS RELEASE: Kemi Olunloyo Comes Out Of Retirement!

Read below the BREAKING PRESS RELEASE by the veteran.

My name is Dr Kemi Olunloyo. Call me #DrKemi🇳🇬 I have 3 First Class US degrees. My teachers told me I can get a job anywhere with 3 First Class 🇺🇲 degrees but never told me except 🇳🇬 My degrees can work in 17 ministries and parastatals. Never been hired by the Nigerian Government and I’ve lobbied for jobs since the OBJ administrator in 1999. No job in state or federal because I’m “too transparent” says a government official, Nigerians on social media say I bully celebrities even though I was the top entertainment and music reporter in North America. Stars abroad beg me to interview them. Stars in Nigeria don’t understand the impact of an international journalist on their career let alone any journalist. I was a top journalist contributor @cnn @bet @foxnews @ctvnews @cbcnews @rt and many other international platforms. Why doesn’t Nigeria celebrate my talents? So I left that crowd ALONE. I’m an African ICON going to empower Africans. I have lived in the modern world 38 years and never leaving Africa again but visit countries willing to invest in Africa. My dream is to be a member of the @africanunion_officialpage some day. 🌍

I am a Clinical Pharmacist
Broadcast Journalist
Public Relations Specialist

As I battle #PTSD, I will continue educating Africans on my health and theirs too. So I created a new brand. Pls join me on Instagram @WellnessAfrica. Pls follow the handle for health and wellness from an expert who cares. I will OCCASIONALLY SHARE POSTS WITH OTHER PLATFORMS. THIS IS AN INSTAGRAM-ONLY BRAND.

Facebook and Instagram @KemiOlunloyo
Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat @HNNAfrica



I did my interview @tvcconnect from bed. Did you listen? My LIFE is about to change. I’m returning back to JOURNALISM today. God told me it’s the ONLY thing that will FREE my #ptsd and become a #ptsdsurvivor. Next post will tell you where the page is. I will no longer be able to interact on social media as much as before. It will be one day at a time to build my new BRAND. I will be a busy Journalist♥️🙌🏿 #kemiolunloyo

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