Sunday, April 21, 2024

Pretty Girl Dies After ‘Yahoo Boy’ Boyfriend Reportedly Uses Her For Rituals…

The details are still sketchy. One Camilla took to Facebook to share some photos of the deceased and wrote the following. Continue after the cut…

Chai! Yahoo boys have destroy a lot of souls, guys why, can’t that devil you guys called native doctors give you People another option of doing your shit than sending innocent souls to their earlier grave,,, imagine this pretty girl killed by Yahoo boys,,,for ritual

It’s shall never be well to any yahoo boy who have ravish blood,, who have destroy souls,, they will never live to see middle of this month is either they die by accident or go to bed but did not wake up,,, must u guys kill ,,,gush,, plz if u are in my facebook list and you are one of those that consume souls just get lost within 5seconds before thunder strike you death,,,bloody bastard

Classic white my dear,,,may your soul rest in peace

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