Sunday, June 4, 2023

Pretty Mike Speaks On Why He Turned Up The way He Did At Don Jazzy’s Mother’s Funeral

Pretty Mike has explained why he attended Don Jazzy’s mother’s funeral in a feminine outfit while flanked by women wearing penis pants.

The socialite used his material for the burial to make a sleeveless shirt and ruched pants with double flared bottoms.

He also wore a scarf and then a cap on his head.

Pretty Mike explains why he turned up to Don Jazzy

Following him were at least 8 women wearing bright orange pants fashioned in the shape of a penis with testicle.

His entrance trended on social media.

The socialite has now explained that he did it because the world is changing and “you shouldn’t be favoured because of what’s in between your legs”.

He added: “Everyone should be given equal opportunity because we all are capable in different fields regardless of gender.”

See below.

Pretty Mike explains why he turned up to Don Jazzy

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