Saturday, June 25, 2022

Queen Elizabeth’s Schedule Cleared As COVID-19 Symptoms Defy Treatment

Queen Elizabeth will miss a planned virtual meeting after it was discovered that she’s still experiencing mild cold-like symptoms after testing positive for COVID-19, a spokesperson for Buckingham Palace said.

The palace announced that the world’s oldest and longest-reigning monarch had tested positive on Sunday but is expected to carry on with light engagements.

She sent a message of condolence to Brazil on Monday to say she was deeply saddened by recent fatal floods, and was planning to go ahead with other virtual diplomatic audiences scheduled with foreign ambassadors, the palace said.

She will now decide nearer to the time whether to press ahead with further engagements this week, such as her weekly conversation with Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, on Wednesday.

News of the positive test has sharpened concerns about the health of the world’s longest-reigning monarch two weeks after she marked 70 years on the British throne.

The 95-year-old queen, who has been fully vaccinated against coronavirus, quipped last week to Palace staff that she could not move much, and she spent a night in hospital last October for an unspecified ailment.


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