Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Racism? Donald Trump’s White House Intern Program Is Again Very, Very White

The White House is again facing strong criticism over the lack of diversity of the participants in its intern program.

A photograph released on Friday shows President Donald Trump posing with the spring intake, who are overwhelmingly white:

Racism? Donald Trump's White House Intern Program Is Again Very, Very White
In a tweet, political scientist and Washington Post columnist, Brian Klaas said “the White House intern photo is like a Where’s Waldo for a non-white person — in a country that is about 40% non-white,”

Other commenters compared the current intake to those from former President Barack Obama’s time in office:
Trump’s White Houe faced similar accusations over the program last summer when people noticed how photographs of Vice President Mike Pence posing with interns featured very few people of color.

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