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Rann: Mobile Phone Of Kidnapped Midwife Used To ‎Send Disturbing Message

The mobile phone of one of the female victims abducted by Boko Haram in Rann has been used to send a disturbing message to her listed contacts.

Hauwa Liman, believed to one of the staff of the Red Cross, was kidnapped ‎earlier this month when Boko Haram insurgents invaded a camp used by internally displaced persons in Rann, Borno State.

About a dozen people including security operatives were confirmed killed in the attack with the ICRC saying two of its staff were also kidnapped.

‎On Thursday, Ms. Liman‎’s phone was used to send a whatsApp message to some of her contacts.

The text message was sent in Hausa and it reads thus:

“ya ku en duniya, kuji tsoron Allah, ku daina bin taghootu.

“I’dan kuma ba haka ba, Allah zai daura mu Akan ku, kuma zaku kasance tababbu.”

When translated, the text reads, “Oh you people of the world, fear God, and stop following the heathen path.

“If not, God will place us above you all. And you all shall become mentally demented people.”

Some of her friends who received the message either stopped the chat or blocked the contact from further communicating with them, as they said the message could not have been sent by her.

One of her friends who knew the missing midwife by a nickname “Miemielurv” as displayed on her WhatsApp profile page said she doubts if the message came from her.

“She does not communicate in written Hausa with such fluency‎,” said a close friend who begged that her name should not be mentioned.

“I know Hauwa, and I know that she does not write or speak in that tone of language. Her phone must have been used by someone who has taken it from her”.

Another friend who spoke with PREMIUM TIMES said her WhatsApp display profile indicated that her phone was online till about 10.47 p.m. before it eventually went offline.

“When I saw it too I couldn’t believe my eyes, but when I tried chatting with her, I noticed the pattern of communication was odd.

“I called the attention of my sister who said it could be someone else typing out the message, not her. So I had to quickly delete the messages and blocked the line from further communication with me. They are now using her phone, I guess.”

It is believed Ms. Liman’s captors, Boko Haram, have her phone and used it for the WhatsApp chat.

Following ‎the March 2 Rann attack, the UN suspended aid activities in the town.

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