Monday, December 6, 2021

Real Cause Of Death Of Abuja Judge By Kemi Olunloyo

It was reported earlier today, the death of a Judge, 32, who slumped and died after a tooth removal procedure.

Abdulwahab Mohammad, a 32-year-old judge at the Grade 1 Area Court, Kubwa, Abuja, has died after he slumped on Saturday.

The late Mohammad, who had his tooth pulled out at the Kubwa General Hospital, had some complications and had been in and out of the hospital before his death.

He was rushed to the National Hospital Abuja after he slumped on Saturday, but he later died on the same day. He is survived by his pregnant wife.

Nigerian Journalist and health expert Kemi Olunloyo has shed some light on the need for Nigerians to start taking their health more seriously.

Her words:

He was not given antibiotics before the extraction or he never took it and he was a heart patient or had a hidden heart ailment. That’s what killed him. Amoxicillin 2000 mg (4 capsules) before dental procedure would have saved him. Very very important. Before you remove a tooth u must give antibiotics they must take at least 2 days prior to removal because the tooth is infected and the infection goes straight to the heart. No health education in Nigeria.

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