Sunday, January 23, 2022

“See Mumu” Cossy Ojiakor Dares Journalist Tunde Moshood

Cossy Ojiakor isn’t done dragging Tunde Moshood for an article he wrote about her years ago which she said derailed her career.

In the article, it was claimed that Cossy had sex with a dog for a movie scene. Cossy accused former best friend Halima Abubakar of being the one behind the rumour. She accused her of giving the story to Tunde and he published it. Years later, Cossy began dragging both Halima and Tunde for the damage done to her career (read here).

But Tunde refused to take it lying down and he warned her (read here).

Cossy seemed unfazed and she hit back at him and threatened him to do his worse.

She wrote:

See mumu @tundemoshood_tmmonkey wey mumu hahahahaha so ur cockroach brain still dey myopic….. abi the diseased prick done reach ur brain. You still dey ask me questions about the movie. Foolish man go to court already serve me I go met u there in wheel chair. No shaking. Pls sue me useless fool

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