It is currently hot on Twitter as some users are dragging Nigerian activist Segalinks for sharing a Gofundme setup to fund Peoples Democratic Party’s Presidential Candidate, Atiku Abubakar’s legal fees.

A lot of users are dragging Segalinks without verifying his intentions.

This activist had earlier paid deaf ears until one @MrayeDee decided to call Segalinks names and then all hell broke loose.

See the tweets below:

Since you have decided to join multitudes to do evil because of Blood Money, I will expose you and those you work for. The real Yahoo Baba will be known Nationally. Your mental issues should at least know those to avoid while malfunctioning. I pity that poor young lady. ⏰

This is what Blood Money does to your brain. It makes you forget your destiny helpers. This is someone I took in from homelessness & lack of purpose who piled bills on my account for months. I stood as parent at his 4th wedding yet he turned blackmailer because of BMC?

Wedding pictures loading. This homeless fraudulent albino seeking crumbs must be exposed for who he really is. I’m thankful my life is open and there’re no hidden secrets, what won’t these kind of murders do or say if I didn’t live right?#StayTuned

The only regret his parents have is having him. It is for their sakes that I have refrained from addressing this black sheep. They were not at his wedding. We stood as his parents at the wedding but I am the fraud because of the monthly stipends murderers pay you? 🤔