Slimcase Is Sorry For Calling Goerge Floyd's Death A Global Pandemic And Trivalising Death Of Lagos 16-year-old

The Nigerian singer, Slimcase, whose full name is Oluwafemi Oladapo Oko-Eko took to Twitter to localize the death of the Nigerian 16-year-old that died from police shots while calling the death of Geroge Floyd a global pandemic.

George Floyd was killed during the week after a white Minneapolis Policeman knelt on his neck till he passed on as he was seemingly not responsive when the medics arrived. We would later find that in total Floyd has three policemen kneeling on him.

Slimcase took to his twitter handle to trivialize the death of Tina while calling Floyds a global pandemic.

Slimcase: George Floyd's Murder A Global Pandemic? How? (Screenshot)