Friday, June 2, 2023

Social Media Sensationalised Sylvester’s Death: Dowen College

Flaring Shobo, a member of Dowen College advisory board on Monday said the death of Sylvester Oromoni was sensationalised by social media.

“The issue of Sylvester was sensationalised by the social media. Because they issue was broadcasted in the social media by his cousin and that was where everybody picked it from,” Mr Shobo said. “That is how we got to where we are. The cousin did not post when he was ill, the cousin only posted after he died.”

Mr Shobo further said “What took place from our end is a child who went to the sick bay to report that he was having some pain on his legs as a result of football. The records are there in the sick bay and our school sick bay is manned by a qualified nurse and a certified medical doctor.”

Mr Shobo, who disclosed this while speaking on Channels TV, questioned why the late Oromoni was driven to Warri while being sick, instead of being flown.

“One thing is that Sylvester was taken and driven away from Dowen College in Lagos to Warri. He was not flown to Warri.

“Aside from the security on the road, the person that came to pick Sylvester was not the mother or the father. With the report that he was not feeling too well, anything could have happened on the road. If he relapsed or vomit how will the person manage him,” Mr Shobo said.

The demise of young Sylvester elicited so much public outrage, which forced the Lagos government to shutdown the school while investigation was carried out to unravel the cause of his death.

Contrary to claims by the management of Dowen College that young Oromoni died from football injuries, a viral video showed the bruised 12-year-old writhing in excruciating pains before his demise.

Report by the police last week stating that he died of natural cause attracted criticism as well as renewed protests from members of the Ijaw Youth Council, who stormed Dowen College to protest the release of the murder suspects.

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