Friday, June 7, 2024

Soldiers Foils ‘Coup Attempt’ In DR Congo

In a dramatic turn of events, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) army has announced the successful thwarting of an attempted coup d’état.

The daring operation, involving both domestic and foreign elements, was neutralized in the early hours of Sunday morning, May 19th, according to Sylvain Ekenge, the official spokesperson for the DRC military, in a televised briefing aired on the state-run RTNC TV.

Ekenge revealed, “Our defense and security forces have effectively quelled the attempted coup d’état, which saw the involvement of both Congolese and foreign nationals. The ringleaders, along with their cohorts, have been apprehended, and the situation is now firmly under control.”

The crackdown follows a harrowing incident where armed assailants targeted the residence of Vital Kamerhe, former chief of staff and a close confidant of President Felix Tshisekedi. Located just two kilometers from the presidential palace, Kamerhe’s home became the battleground of a fierce exchange between his security personnel and the assailants, resulting in three casualties, including two police officers and one attacker, as confirmed by Michel Muhima, Kamerhe’s spokesperson.

This wave of unrest occurs amidst escalating tensions within the ruling party over the delayed election for the leadership of the country’s national assembly. President Tshisekedi, who secured reelection in December 2023, convened a crucial meeting with parliamentarians and party leaders on Friday, signaling his determination to navigate the crisis gripping the nation.

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