Thursday, January 27, 2022

‘Special Interview’: President Buhari Addresses Nigerians (Video)

On Service chiefs

I depended on records to pick my Service Chiefs.

On Insecurity

The president said, “the Police has failed this country.”

On Kidnapping and Banditry

President Buhari said, “expose the kidnappers and the thieves.”

On His Past Electoral Adventure

“There is no local government i have not visited in Nigeria.”

On What He Will Do Differently

President Buhari said: “I will persuade the Police and the Judiciary to be hard on criminals.”

On The Fight Against Corruption

He said, “my frustration is that the fight against corruption is taking too long.”
On How Nigerians Can Help Him Fulfill His Mandate

“Nigerians should expose criminals in their neighborhood so the country can easily attract foreign investors.”

On Boko Haram

President Buhari said, “we have achieved success against Boko Haram.”

On Relationship With The Legislative Arm Of Government

Buhari said, “when the Legislative arm goes around posing like the Executive, there is a problem. I asked Saraki how he feels holding the country to ransom, so I rate him low in patriotism.”

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