STATEMENT: Why I Took A 'Backseat' On Journalism By Dr Kemi Olunloyo

Exactly three days ago, Nigerian Journalist Kemi Olunloyo took to her Instagram page to announce her intention to ‘leave’ journalism for some time.

In the statement also made available to us, she expressed the fact that the backseat may be a permanent one.

Read her statement below. (You can watch the video HERE.)

Why I took a backseat on Journalism by Dr Kemi Olunloyo

I need to take time out and take care of myself. I can’t kill myself for others. I have done enough. Many did nothing or fight for me when the police arrested me THREE times for the fake Port Harcourt case late Keniebe Okoko prosecuted me for. I can’t keep having all this issues at some point as it takes a toll on me. Sometimes I just have to unplug and take a deep breath, the world has too many problems, I can’t solve them all for people, I speak the truth and the internet insults me and when it comes out on the news 2 weeks to a year later that I was speaking the truth via the excellent training I got from John Jeppi at the Broadcasting Institute of Maryland USA 🇺🇸 no one apologizes for calling me names, I just get more followership and get even more discouraged at people gathering around me too late🙄 I have to care for myself first.
My birthday #kemiolunloyoat56🎂🇳🇬 is in 28 days August 6th 2020. I have my middle child I haven’t seen since 2003 missing in AMERICA. We used the internet to communicate till 2014 my 50th birthday. Police have no clue what happened to him and 2 roommates. I sympathize with two other families knowing that I haven’t laid eyes on Lade for 17 yrs after he went to live with his dad, became and adult and left home. Instead I’m serving news to young people who don’t appreciate me. Instead of gifts on my birthday, pls send me cash at First Bank of Nigeria 2007477948 to my gift registry. Maybe I can use those cash gifts to save up for my own media outlet one day instead of sending my own news items to all this politician owned outlets. Thank you to all those concerned. If you are new here, welcome. Join my son who I taught blogging at 6yo, 19yo @richkjtmusic. He’s at @keminicationsmedia@brysonsintern
PLEASE I’M TIRED!!!!😓😓😓😫😫😫😫😫😫😫🥵🥵🥵