Monday, May 16, 2022

Student Lists Kim Kardashian’s Retweet On His CV, Scores Job Interviews

Kim Kardashian is one of the most influential people on the planet. Having a net worth of $350 million, the social media queen and business mogul is one of the highest-paid female celebrities ever

One KK fan chose to list being retweeted by the star on his actual resume—and, apparently, it’s already paying off.

Back in November 2017, Boston University graduate student Chris Sumlin wrote (and aced) a paper on how Kim went from being a reality star to a full-fledged media mogul, thanks in large part to the success of her video game.

She was suitably impressed, and retweeted his paper with the caption, ““Wow this is so cool!!!”

Obviously, he was totally overwhelmed.

“Not only was my grade good on the paper, one of my favourite celebrities acknowledged me,” he told The Boston Globe. “It was a dream come true.”

Chris is currently finishing up a Master of Science degree in Television Producing & Management at BU, and since he’s graduating in January, he’s on the hunt for jobs.

On Tuesday, he tweeted a screenshot of the part of his résumé in which he mentions that Kim Kardashian has retweeted him for “impressive work in graduate school.” According to Chris, he’s already booked three job interviews in less than a week.

Once again, Kim came through, as she retweeted Chris and wished him luck in his search.

Which he of course then added to his resume with the line, “Wished luck on job search by Kim Kardashian West on Twitter gaining over 17,000 reactions to the tweet.”

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