Monday, December 6, 2021

Students of Elizade Private University In Ondo State Decry Lack Of Water, Light And Snakes Everywhere In Their Hostel

Students of Elizade Private University located in Ondo State have taken to their social media handles to complain bitterly about the lack of basic amenities in their school including water, light, and snakes everywhere in their hostel.

In one of the reports one of the students wrote;

The school is a prison yard for the students. NO water, NO light, snakes EVERYWHERE, Terrible food in the only cafeteria that serves uncooked or spoilt food to students. Today 31st of May,2018, the only thing (WiFi/gym) that was helping the students with assignments(which is paid for as it is part of our school fees), the school has now cut off stating bad performances across the departments.

There’s no form of social/recreational activities to help the student or distract them from school stress(and they want to remove the WiFi/gym). Countless proposals have been written to the school’s management which they keep dismissing, yet they keep on asking us to write more in a bid to make it seem like they’re working. We have been running on one generator for almost 2 years now.

Students are judged because of how they look based on superficial things like extra piercings, full hair, etc and seen as touts or worse and sometimes subjected to drug tests. We have a student consultative forum that is meant to be the “voice of the students” but they are handpicked by the authorities and they are just as voiceless as regular students. The little water we find, is always coloured and causes severe skin irritation. Whenever we complain to the school authorities, they either shut you down or even send you packing. They conduct illegal blood tests on students and expel them whether the blood test shows drug use or not.Students are being harassed. Nobody is safe anymore, the standards of education and living are very poor. When parents complain about it, they lie to the parents about their ward’s behaviour and activities in school. Enough is Enough

Another student added that, ‘It seems that Chief Michael Ade Ojo (the founder of this school) isn’t aware of the things happening to the students. It is the registrar Omololu Adegbenro who has more day than the Vice-chancellor that is ruining this school. He has to be sacked before this school can see any growth or development’.

See a video of a snake killed in one of their hostels below…

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