Sunday, November 28, 2021

Supreme Court Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy Set To Retire

Justice Anthony Kennedy, US Supreme Court Associate has announced he will retire. He on Wednesday notified President Trump in a letter.

In the letter, he told President Trump that effective July 31, he would end “regular active status as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, while continuing to serve in a senior status.”

Kennedy described it the “highest of honours to serve on this Court,” and he expressed his “profound gratitude for having had the privilege to seek in each case how best to know, interpret, and defend the Constitution and the laws that must always conform to its mandates and promises.”

President Trump said that he found out about Kennedy’s retirement a half-hour before it was announced — he had in fact gone to the White House to talk to the president for about 30 minutes, and Kennedy offered recommendations about who might replace him, the president told reporters during a meeting with the president of Portugal. Mr. Trump did not answer questions about who Kennedy recommended.

He called Kennedy a “spectacular man” with “tremendous heart” and said he hoped to pick somebody who will be as “outstanding” as Kennedy has been. The search, the president said, will begin immediately, and Kennedy’s replacement will be chosen from the list of 25 candidates he considered last year when he ultimately chose Gorsuch.

Here is the letter he sent to President Trump:



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