#SurvivingHushpuppi: Linda Ikeji Is A Dream Killer, Hushpuppi Is About To F*uck Her Up - Kemi Olunloyo

In a series of tweets she titled #SurvivingHushpuppi, investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has indicated that international fraudster, Ramoni Abbas is about to ‘snitch’ on Ms Linda Ikeji.

Kemi who recounted how Linda made her loose millions in a telecommunications deal also gave reasons why she did not bother mourning Dan Foster who died last month of the dreaded coronavirus.

Kemi said the marriage of her relative to Dan was cancelled after Linda killed the dream by sleeping with the OAP.

The journalist urged the blogger to lawyer-up as Hushpuppi is set to really mess things up for her.

1. THREAD Linda Ikeji is a dream killer. Everyday for the thief one day for the owner and she knows it. HushPuppi is about to really fuck her up! She needs to get a lawyer soon. People think I enjoy trolling her. She destroyed lives to get where she is. #SurvivingHushpuppi

2. WARNING: When I tweet this Linda Ikeji mess, anyone that spams my tweet with followbacks and adverts gets blocked. Don’t use my audience for your gain. I want to read feedback. I have blocked 75 ppl today.

3. #SurvivingHushpuppi A N30M Etisalat data deal I was about to sign in 2013 FELL! @LindaIkeji tweeted “Kemi Olunloyo threatened bloggers with her guns.” @PoliceNG was about to raid my family home, called my dad only bcos it was a former gov’s house. I had no guns and lost the deal!

4. Ikeji stole a picture of me holding an M16 rifle. The story was about bloggers who steal my pics with no credits. Toronto Police Supported my work and I was a volunteer displaying seized guns at the police dinner. She blogged lies ruining my reputation & deal

5. Linda took that gun picture and created a fake story that raised eyebrows, almost got our house raided in Ibadan and I lost my potential Etisalat endorsement deal. N30M. They loved my use of social media as a sm personality. I was going to promote their data #SurvivingHushpuppi

6. Just like DBanj lost or got suspended for the N45M bank deal in a fake rape controversy, brands don’t wanna be engulfed in such controversies while some women DELIBERATELY kill the dreams of others. Linda destroyed so many people to rise to the top and NOW…

7. #SurvivingHushpuppi Who is Linda Ikeji?…says the FBI? A blogger HushPuppi told a Journalist to beg for medical money. Pissetzky just called HushPuppi a humanitarian. HushPuppi was NOT a humanitarian or real estate agent. He is Allegedly a financial criminal says @FBILosAngeles

8. #SurvivingHushpuppi Now HushPuppi has to list his humanitarian activities. One of them is allegedly FUNDING Linda Ikeji TV. Linda stepped on my toes many times. I was the one asked by my fans to forgive her. Her pride did not allowed her to apologise PROPERLY. She mocked me!

9. #SurvivingHushpuppi Linda is the reason I couldn’t mourn Dan Foster cos I actually CURSED Dan in 2006 saying he will die painfully when Deola Olunloyo cancelled their wedding because a model had an affair with him. That model was @LindaIkeji home wrecker. I eventually forgave Dan