Sunday, November 28, 2021

Why Tekno May Never Sing Again…

Early this week the management of singer Tekno, Ubi Franklin made it public that the act may be experiencing some trying times. These trying times they say should be temporary. You can catch up HERE. They blamed it all on the damaged voice box of the singer.

While I am wishing him well and praying for him, I need to bring it to public knowledge that this may not be all the singer is dealing with and the damage may be permanent.

The voice box is not something that you down play. (I say this as a singer myself). There are three major signs that you should look out for and once you notice them you seek help, at least as a professional singer that he is.

Persistent hoarseness: This is a real sing no singer should play with or downplay as Ubi put it. When the voice changes you should pay attention. That is where you make your money.

During the hoarseness feeling, you will hear yourself make different kinds of sounds from raspy to breathy voice (as I always put it).

Tekno needs to also check if he got some serious conditions that can cause hoarseness i.e polyps or cysts. As goes for all medical conditions, early detection is very key. Therapy or surgery could be recommended but that will be after he sees a laryngologist.

Vocal fatigue: When this is chronic you need to watch it. It comes from overuse of the voice. For me, before singing I try as much as possible to reduce the times I use the voice extensively (you still remember I am a singer right? Okay).

Just as you can get tired from standing or walking you can also get tired from using your voice hence my title ‘fatigue’.

My doctor friend will say for every 2hours I use my voice I should get a 15mins rest. Tekno is a professional, he knows this. Bottom line, see a laryngologist Alhaji Tekno.

Throat pain. This also comes with some major voice discomfort. It is not normal if you have to use so much energy to get your voice out. A therapist should help in should you how to relax your muscles when you sing. I just hope this helps.

While I agree that the damage is done, if not handled well it may just be permanent. I love your songs bro and will like to see you get better.


Donald Eke

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