THE INFLAMMATORY “WIFE LIFE.” Article By Dr Kemi Olunloyo

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Dr Kemi Olunloyo is a Nigerian investigative journalist with a degree in Clinical Pharmacy.

Read below her piece:

My dad had a lot of affairs in his 84 years of his life and lives with his second wife. He ended up with a second wife who he met while campaigning for governor. My mom used to tell us how she suspected he had student girlfriends in University of Ibadan when he was a lecturer.

It is known that he had girlfriends at the Ministries of Works days. He had an extramarital relationship with another woman while mom was pregnant with me. That relationship bore my half brother famous UK/Lekki based businessman Gbenga “Kapor” Olunloyo, that’s why ppl could not figure out why Gbenga and I were the same age.

Politicians, musicians even pilots wives are the most at risk for a philandering husband. Today it’s the PASTOR’S WIFE!

How did Peace Ibiyeomie feel when I was falsely accused of accusing her husband of an affair with Iyabo Ojo or the rumour monging that Iyabo had affairs with Apostle Suleiman? Not only Iyabo got defamed left and right but what is going thru these pastor’s wives minds?

This woman @modelefatoyinbo is a wife of the most difficult class of wives today. Their man of God husband has been accused of adultery and even RAPE! Matthew 26:38-51says Generate power in the place of prayer, stir it up, plan for it before the day of battle. After victory what makes people go into defeat is lack of prayer. Looks like her prayer is revealing the truth. I would love to do an EXCLUSIVE interview with her after the stormy case is over.

Stand by your man married people. @hillaryclinton is an example that coined the phrase loudly in the 90’s after the Lewinsky oral sex scandal. This one is a rape and doggy style sex scandal in @busoladakolo’s imagination. I don’t know how y’all do it married people. I’m still SINGLE😘 Pls post a question you want me to ask Pastor Mrs Modele Fatoyinbo. SHARE THIS ARTICLE.


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